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Most Popular Female Sexual Fantasies

When it comes to imagination we women can, generally speaking, beat our male counterparts hands down. This is simply thanks to the way our brains work. Consequently, female sexual fantasies tend to be very story driven. In other words, they are ‘whole’ scenarios with a beginning, middle and end. Men, on the other hand, tend to cut to the chase and just have a vivid image of the sexual act.

Due to our very complete fantasies, no two women’s favorite sexual fantasy will be the same. However, there are elements of female sexual fantasy that are repeated among numerous women. Here are just some of those common themes:

Being Physically Overpowered

Oddly enough, in this post-feminist world, some of the most common and popular female sexual fantasies revolve around being dominated and, in many cases, physically overpowered by a lover. I’m guessing this will seem familiar to most of you reading. According to some theories, this fantasy is so popular, because women aren’t supposed to be seen to ‘want’ sex. Therefore, if they’re coerced or even ‘forced’, they’re absolved of any guilt.

This is an interesting thought, but it’s vital to realize that just because this is a popular fantasy, it doesn’t mean that women find the thought of actually being physically forced into sex erotic. I cannot emphasize enough, women don’t find rape sexy and no woman wants to be raped.

Oral Sex

An extremely popular fantasy among both genders, oral sex features in the favorite fantasies of many women. I would suggest that this is because oral sex is extremely intimate and, if performed correctly, can be an extremely tender and powerful expression of a lover’s feelings towards his partner. In addition, oral sex is all about a lover giving and not, ostensibly at any rate, receiving any direct sexual stimulation in return. To us girls, there is nothing sexier than a man who wants to give us pleasure.

Sex With a Boss or Authority Figure

I suppose this is linked to a desire, that many women have, to play a submissive role in sex. They want a man to take charge and, in some cases, to dominate them. Again, it’s worth pointing out that just because a woman may fantasize about such things, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she actually wants to play the ‘fair maiden’ in the bedroom. I think it’s fair to say that most women, enjoy mixing things up; sometimes being dominant and sometimes being submissive.

However, any men reading this should not take this as their cue to start playing the macho ‘cave man’ act. Your lover almost certainly does not want to be beaten over the head and dragged back to your cave!

Sex With Another Woman

Yes, boys, a lot of women think about it. Whether it’s a threesome situation or a simple girl-on-girl fantasy, many women imagine what it would be like to invite another woman into the bedroom. But before you get too excited, gentlemen, it’s important to realize that most women do not want to take this any further than a mere fantasy.
On the whole, women’s sexual fantasies are intricate and far more complex than male sexual fantasies, so take advantage of that fact. If you want to spice up your sex life, during foreplay, why not describe one of your favorite fantasies to your lover?

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